Four Reasons to Visit Greenville, SC This Year

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Greenville is considered to be one of the best destinations to visit in the United States. Of course, the first place most people think of where South Carolina is mentioned is Charleston. What most people across the country haven’t discovered is that Greenville is a charming city that has now become one of the country’s most dynamic destination. Greenville is home to one of the country’s most adorable Main Streets. Read on to find out why you should visit this charming little city in South Carolina.

A Burgeoning Art Scene
One of the things that’s so abundant in this destination is an active scene of performing and visual arts. Most visitors get confused when it comes to choosing the right place they should be. There’s a variety for everyone coming here. You might just have a hard time choosing between a touring Broadway and a ballet show, live theater performance and an art opening, blues and symphony. It starts right at the Main Street as you head towards the Falls Park. There’s a local arts program that features more than seventy modern works of art and you can experience them all at the Art Crossing at Riverplace. Visitors can also get to experience more artwork and the local culture by visiting some of the lovely museums spread across this wonderful city.

Buzzling Restaurants
The Main Street features many exciting restaurants where you can have a taste of something new. It’s also important to mention that Greenville offers visitors with nice hotels, exciting performing venues and great shopping. That’s to simply mean that there city’s downtown is one of the most vibrant areas in the State. Going back to food and restaurants, those who have a difficult time deciding what to eat can try the Euphoria food and wine festival. Some of the dishes you’ll find here include pimento cheese burgers, mouth-watering barbecue, and squash casserole.

Greenville is a Green Urban Oasis
Greenville is one of the most popular destinations for cyclists. Those who love walking and running can make use of the Cleveland Park and Falls Park. This city evokes the sense and feeling of being right in a natural attraction site. With a waterfall, walking trails and beautiful gardens, Falls Park makes the perfect site for an afternoon picnic with friends or family.

Experience Cutting-Edge Automotive Production
Very few know that there’s Greenville is home to a huge automotive production facility. Visiting this lovely city won’t just give you the opportunity to explore BMW’s automotive production facility but also allow you to spend some time at Clemson University’s CU-ICAR campus exploring automotive research. This article was brought to you by CREC Property Management in Charleston, SC.

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